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The Technology DIY Trap

The Technology DIY Trap

In last month’s news, I covered the Four Pillars for any Business, and why selecting the right tools as the foundation of your business is critical to your success. Now I’d like to dive a little deeper into the most common mistakes we see that cost businesses time, money, and potential erosion of customer confidence – Tech DIY.

Today you can get most any technology tool via monthly subscription. But… just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. While anyone can “do the Google”, it doesn’t make you an expert anymore than WebMD makes you a doctor.

In the IT world, these tools are often referred to as Software as a Services (SaaS) solutions. The companies that provide these services also market them aggressively. But not all of these services are alike in terms of features, cost and most importantly quality. Sure they want you to buy their stuff. Like any industry, the technology services space a “buyer beware” jungle. Unless you know, you may be a sucker and fall into the DIY Trap.

Something we see very often is business owners attempting to manage their technology infrastructure themselves in an effort to save money. The truth is in almost every case, unless you are a Technology Professional, you will do more harm than good. This is a classic case of being “penny-wise and dollar foolish” as it always costs more to undo mistakes and service outages than to engage a professional to manage your changes in the first place.

Lastly, let’s consider the impact of service outages on your customer’s confidence. If your customer depends on your service, there is a erosion of trust in that service every time it doesn’t work. And trust is easy to lose and hard to regain.

At CMHWorks, we offer services to help our client avoid the DIY Trap including Technology Assessments, Professional Services Consulting and Support to help you navigate the Tech Solutions jungle.

Stay tuned for future installments where we will be discussing each of the Essential Tools in more depth.


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CMHWorks provides all the services you need to maximize your productivity including solution development, digital security, hosting, support, maintenance, and intelligence services.



And best of all, we support what we build with a dedicated domestic support team ready to help. Click on the Services link to find out more.

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