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Our completely tailored solutions are designed to provide continuous value. Each category has several offerings so click below to find out more.
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Hosting and Support

CMHWorks tailored hosting solutions keep your systems humming at a price you can afford without compromise.

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Technology Assessment

Fill your technology portfolio with the tools you need to improve your efficiency, security and ROI with a CMHWorks Technology Assessment.

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Site Maintenance

We manage all the code that delivers your website content, so you can focus your message.

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Site Monitoring

We watch your site day and night to make sure it's secure and available to your audience.

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Application Development

CMHWorks can help you build your custom app with our team of expert so you can expand your reach to sell more products and keep your users informed.

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Custom Hosting Solutions

CMHWorks will work with you to create the right size Custom Hosting Solution so you only pay for what you need. Our goal is to provide the right size solution and not a canned solution.

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Website Hosting

Our Website Hosting solutions protect your systems, so they are fast and secure.

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Easy Security

Everything your growing business needs to proactively secure your assets and keep out the baddies.

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Solution Security Monitoring

We will monitor your website or hosted solution for emerging security threats or vulnerabilities with our comprehensive Solution Security Monitoring solution.

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Consulting Solutions

Our goal is to make technology easy. We’re your technology secret weapon.

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BIZIBI® is Business Intelligence for everyone. Say goodbye to those ridiculously expensive reporting platforms, and say hello to BIZIBI®.

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Integration Services

Imagine all your apps and services on the same page and improving your efficiency, security and ROI.

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Solution Development

Our approach to custom solution development is simple: we listen to your business needs and build only what adds value to your business.

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Our Fully-Managed Cybersecurity solutions gives you peace-of-mind, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Endpoint Security

With our Endpoint Security solution, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about security threats.

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Cybersecurity Assessment

Our security experts can design a Cybersecurity plan tailored to your specific needs and risks.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Awareness is crucial for your business. We can design a training program that suits your needs and goals. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your data and assets.

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Integration Review

Get all your apps on the same page and improve your efficiency, security and ROI with CMHWorks Integration Services.

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Email Hosting

If you have any expectation of data security, don't use freemail services to run your business. If they give it to you for free, it's really not yours.

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Fractional Technology Consulting

Our team of experts can fill any gaps in your technology c-suite.

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Technical Support

CMHWorks provides tailored Maintenance and Support services for your specific needs. You can choose from our 24/7, regular business hours or white label support options.

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CMHWorks - We Make Technology Easy. We provide IT Services, Digital Services in Development, Cybersecurity, Hosting, and Consulting. CMHWorks Logo

CMHWorks - Making Technology Easy





At CMHWorks, our mission is to provide solutions to help your growing business that fit your specific needs. From selecting the right solution, integrating your existing apps and tools, securing your intellectual property, to building something entirely new, CMHWorks is your partner in navigating the rapidly changing digital landscape.
  • Complete Managed Security Solutions to help you protect your valuable assets.
  • High-performance Hosting Solutions and Support from websites to fully custom applications.
  • Solution Development including Apps, Web Apps, Websites, and custom integrations.
  • Business Intelligence solutions to uncover the data you need in real-time.
  • Consulting Services and Assessments to provide you the technical horsepower on demand.
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Why Work With Us?

CMHWorks is not your typical technology company. Keep reading to find out what makes us different.

Our team has been developing and supporting solutions for over 20 years.


Get only the services you need tailored to meet your specific goals.


We are laser focused on delivering results. See what some of our partners and clients say.


HIPAA, CDC, and Joint Commission Standards Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Networks, private and long-term care facilities.


Environmental, Life Safety, and Best Practice compliance for Public and Private, Primary or Secondary Institutions.


Easy-to-use and affordable regulatory compliance solutions for any size business to help protect your employees and customers.

General Industry

Customized solutions to optimize work processes, billing, environmental, life safety, and best practice compliance.


Compliant solutions to meet federal, state, and local needs in compliance, business process optimization, and more.


Targeted services and solutions to meet the specific and demanding compliance needs of food service/restaurants, hotels, casinos, amusement parks, events, cruises, entertainment, and other tourism-related markets.

Benefit From Our Expertise
Support Services $2000 / month
Consulting Services 50% / engagement
Development Services %35 / engagement
Security Services 40% / engagement


Don't take our word for it. See what our partners have to say!

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