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Hosting and Support

Hosting Services

CMHWorks tailored hosting solutions keep your systems humming at a price you can afford without compromise.

Custom Hosting Solutions

Tailored to specific need, we build, maintain, and support all custom hosted environments.  We provide professional services for hosting, supporting and maintaining your application, all for a fixed monthly cost.

Website Hosting

As a full-service hosting provider, we specialize in delivering and securing content, which is what a website is all about. We offer several professional-grade hosting options that can be tailored to your business needs.

Email Hosting

Email is still a critical service for day-to-day operations. We make sure it's configured properly, so your information is secure, your emails don't end up in the dreaded spam folder, and your sender reputation is as good as it can be.

Support Services

Site Monitoring

Site monitoring is an online solution that monitors websites, applications, servers or any online service to ensure the system is available. We don’t need to host your website or applications, but we can monitor your online connections to ensure your services are “up” and running.

Site Maintenance

Our Site Maintenance service provides an easy way to make sure your systems always have the latest plugins, updates and patches. We’ll also back up your systems, verify performance and rollback to a previous version if needed. We make site maintenance easy.

Technical Support

We understand that every business has different needs and expectations for Technical Support. That's why we offer custom support plans that suits your specific requirements and budget. We offer a variety of types of support including Technical Support, Customer Support and Help Desk. 

A Great Service

Designed exclusively for Small and Mid-Sized businesses

Turn-key Services

All of our solutions are designed to be turn-key services so business owners can focus on what they do best, and leave the "IT stuff" to us. Let's face it. Regardless of your industry, if it's not IT or more importantly IT Security, you want someone you can trust to handle the bad guys.  

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Simple Pricing

As a part of our turn-key approach, we offer simple, flat-rate, per-unit, monthly pricing so your costs to secure your business are predictable as your business grows.

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World-Class Support

At CMHWorks, our primary goal is to provide the best possible customer support. Our 100% domestic staff are there for you by phone, email when you need us. Forget long phone queues, or waiting for emails for days or weeks. 

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Cybersecurity Statistics
Cybersecurity Statistics

The Estimated Global Cost of Cybercrime is $6T
and Climbing + 15% a Year.

In 2023, an estimated 48% of all Cybercrime was
target against Small Businesses.