Why is Email Security Important?

We all use email on a daily basis. It is a communication tool that businesses rely on and it’s imperative to implement various security measures to protect your business, while also providing confidentiality and integrity. Without the proper security measure, unauthorized individuals can intercept and read your emails, potentially leading to data breaches or information leaks. Email security ensures that content of emails remains unchanged during transmission. Without it, malicious people can alter the content of emails, which can lead to misunderstandings, fraud, or other harmful consequences. This is crucial for preventing email spoofing, phishing attacks, and other forms of email fraud.

How can CMHWorks help you secure your businesses email?

As part of our Digital Security offering, we’ll implement an email authentication system that only allows authorized senders to send email on behalf of your organization or domain. This protects your business from bad guys sending messages on your behalf.

Securing the Message in Transit

Implement Digital Signatures – DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

Securing the Email Domain

Implement Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC)

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DeGross Consulting


Fintech, eCommerce


DNS, Microsoft 365, WordPress


Case Study: DeGross Consulting Email-Security Check Fails

The Challenge

DeGross Consulting, a business process and payment consulting firm, failed several security checks when sending emails to other domains/companies. These incidents not only posed a significant risk to the organization’s data and reputation, but could of potentially lead to a loss of customer trust due to emails either being rejected, quarantined, or placed into the recipient’s spam/junk folder.


CMHWorks the email domain and messages in transit by implementing and testing our email security best practices for signing DeGross Consulting emails to address potential security issues.


The implementation of CMHWorks email security services provided several benefits for DeGross Consulting which included: Reduced phishing emails, improved deliverability, enhanced reputation to establish trust with their clients, added a layer of data protection, and improved compliance.


The Solution

Implementing CMHWorks email security protocols in your email infrastructure offers a comprehensive set of benefits, including email security, better deliverability, brand protection, and regulatory compliance. These protocols are essential components of a strong email security strategy in today’s digital landscape. We take pride in providing these security measures to our clients, ensuring they’re protected and have peace of mind, knowing their communications are transmitting with confidentiality and integrity.