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About Us

Our Vision is to provide small and mid-sized businesses with unique products and tailored services that help them achieve their goals.
CMHWorks is your partner in navigating the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Do you have a growing business and a clear vision of how you can provide more value to your customers, but you are not an expert in technology, cybersecurity, or process optimization? CMHWorks makes it easy to build,implement, and host the technical solutions that will supercharge your organization's digital operations.

Maybe you are overwhelmed finding the right technology solution for your business or struggling to get all your systems and applications to work together. We hear you. If you are wondering if your digital assets are secure or if you just need more horsepower to implement your vision, you are not alone.

  • Complete Managed Security Solutions to help you protect your valuable assets.
  • High-performance Hosting Solutions and Support from websites to fully custom applications.
  • Solution Development including Apps, WebApps, Websites, and custom integrations.
  • Business Intelligence solutions to uncover the data you need in real-time.
  • Consulting Services and Assessments to provide you the technical horsepower on demand.

At CMHWorks, our mission is to provide solutions to help your growing business that fit your specific needs. From selecting the right solution, integrating your existing apps and tools, securing your intellectual property, to building something entirely new, CMHWorks is your partner in navigating the rapidly changing digital landscape.

From Customer Support to Custom Applications, our 100% domestic team has you covered.

The Team

Say Hello to the folks that make it happen!
Headshot of Mike Harvey

Mike Harvey

Founder and CEO
Headshot of Justin Miller

Justin Miller

Operations Manager
Headshot of Diamond Brown

Diamond Brown

Quality Manager
Headshot of Valerie Stefan

Valerie Stefan

Product Manager
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