Why we do Technology Assessments?

It has been our experience that many small and mid-sized organizations tend to lose control of the tools and technologies they use. Often the root causes are rooted in either a lack of a cohesive technology strategy, the low bar to subscribe to tools, or both.

Documenting the Need

Develop Comprehensive Process Requirements and Worklows

Endpoint Protection

Identify potential solutions and tools per requirements

How can CMHWorks help you optimize your technology stack?

Our assessments help shine a light on your entire technology stack, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks (SWOT) and provide a plan to establish a solid technical foundation.

The company’s commitment to market solutions and tools empowers clients to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing that CMHWorks is doing its diligence.

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Robert Davies Home Improvement




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Robert Davies
Home Improvement

Case Study: Improving Project Management

The Challenge

Robert Davies Home Improvement, LLC sought to enhance their construction project management. Specializing in a wide range of home improvement projects that support the concept of “aging in place,” Robert Davies Home Improvement operates in a growing industry where more individuals are choosing to stay in their homes or move in with family instead of opting for a Senior Care Facility.

Following a discussion with Robert Davies, it was concluded that the most effective course of action would be to conduct a Technology Assessment. This assessment enables our team of experts to comprehensively examine all aspects of a business, thereby facilitating the creation of a tailored action plan for our clients.


Upon completion of the assessment, we formulated a set of technical requirements to guide the implementation of a new project management tool for Robert Davies Home Improvement. This solution will empower their team to oversee projects from referral, through the bidding process and construction, to project completion. Upon submitting the requirement document, Robert Davies responded with, “WOW, you guys are thorough.” Subsequently, our team conducted a review of the requirements to ensure that all the client’s needs were accurately captured without any alterations. We are happy to be assisting with the implementation phase.


Through the Technology Assessment process, CMHWorks was able to define the specific requirements, and using those requirements, source the optimal Project Management solution saving Robert Davies months of work trying to find the right solution, or worse, selecting a solution that would not meet their requirements. Now, Robert Davies will have a solution to service as the cornerstone of their business operations for years to come. 


The Solution

A fixed-cost Technology Assessment by CMHWorks provided the disciplines , expertise, and information the client needed to make the best decision for the company, not only for today for for the foreseeable future.