CMHWorks tailored hosting solutions keep your systems humming at a price you can afford without compromise.

Site Maintenance

CMHWorks tailored hosting solutions keep your systems humming at a price you can afford without compromise.
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Site Maintenance

We manage all the code that delivers your website content, so you can focus your message.

What is Site Maintenance?

Our Site Maintenace Solution provides an easy way to make sure your systems are continually monitored for the latest plugins, updates and patches. We’ll also back up your systems, verify performance and rollback to a previous version if needed. We make site maintenance easy.

Why Do I Need It?

As part of our Hosting and Support options, we offer Site Maintenance which ensures your site is up to date with all of the latest plugins, software updates and system patches. It is important to regularly maintain all of your systems for optimal performance not only for the hardware but also your team. Additionally, we will take regular backups of your systems, verify versions and rollback to a previous version should any issues be discovered.

What are the Benefits?

Our Site Maintenance Solution ensures:

  • Your CMS stays current with the Plugins necessary to keep your website running smoothly.
  • Your Operating System stays current with the latest update and patches which keeps your business safe and team working efficiently.
  • You have peace of mind because your systems are being backup regularly so there is no loss of work or data.
  • You have a monthly fixed cost so there are surprises to the budget.

Site Maintenance Features

Ensure your CMS (Content Management System) has the most current version of any plugins that are utilized to run your website. Plugins change often so it important to run updates to your website performs optimally.

We’ll monitor any available software updates and push them out to your users.

Operating systems regularly update their software, and it is important to your business to push any updates to your internal users to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. These patches can address a number of issues including security updates, bugs or vulnerabilities in the system.

We’ll take weekly or monthly backups of your systems and verify the current version is running smoothly. Should any issues be discovered, we’ll rollback to the previous version so your systems continue to run smoothly.

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