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  • InfoSec Essentials on A Budget – Part 1 of 2

InfoSec Essentials on A Budget – Part 1 of 2

InfoSec Essentials on A Budget – Part 1 of 2

The IT Security fears that keep companies up at night are particularly pressing lately in the area of information security — commonly referred to as infosec — which primarily revolves around securing data from unauthorized access. An ever-expanding attack surface, novel threat types, high-profile data breaches in the news and new privacy legislation like GDPR and CCPA have many companies questioning whether they have their infosec act together.

InfoSec Breach Types in 2020

In an exacerbating twist, the escalating squeeze on data security and compliance comes at a time when data analytics to improve marketing, sales and product strategies is all the rage. Many are suddenly unsure about what is okay and not okay in terms of customer data use considering the new privacy legislation. Needing kid gloves to handle data isn’t just the problem of companies in sectors like healthcare and financial services anymore. Thanks to these trends, just about everyone’s grumbling about it.

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