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American University and Hacker U Select CMHWorks as a Hiring Partner

American University and Hacker U Select CMHWorks as a Hiring Partner

American University & HackerU has chosen CMHWorks as a recruitment partner to consider candidates who have completed their Cybersecurity Security Professional Program. With the threat of cyberattacks on the rise, the program recognizes how appealing an IT Professional with a Cybersecurity knowledge base can be to a company like CMHWorks.

Washington, DC – July, 12, 2021. Israel’s premier digital skill and cybersecurity institute, HackerU, has been partnering with educational institutes worldwide, currently in 12 countries. In 2019, HackerUSA, a subsidiary, has partnered with American University, based out of Washington, DC.

According to Bryan Gulcin, Business Relations Manager at HackerUSA in recent LinkedIn post,

“We are happy to collaborate with CMHWorks and add them to American University‘s and HackerU‘s growing list of hiring partners!”

Mike Harvey, founder and principal owner of CMHWorks, has more than 30 years of experience as a Technology and Operations executive with broad experience in enterprise technology strategy, development, implementation, and management. He founded CMHWorks, LLC in 2014 to provide Technology Services and Support to public and private sector clients.


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CMHWorks provides all the services you need to maximize your productivity including solution development, digital security, hosting, support, maintenance, and intelligence services.



And best of all, we support what we build with a dedicated domestic support team ready to help. Click on the Services link to find out more.

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