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AuditPRO is a Safety and Compliance Inspection Platform that companies use to improve the efficiency of their safety activities and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Pre-populated content driven forms are tied to regulatory citations, accreditation standards and industry best practices. A comprehensive online portal allows users at multiple levels and locations to track, manage and assign tasks and provides actionable real-time data.


Other features include:

Mobile Inspections
Our mobile inspection tool supports IOS and Android making for an easy to implement BYOD deployment without additional hardware costs. Intuitive and easy-to-use smart forms unleash your auditor’s and inspector’s productivity. AuditPRO Guided Forms are created and maintained by our EHS professionals and provide clients with professional EHS determinations and automatically link them to regulatory citations, standards of industry best practices, or customer policies.
Track, schedule and perform inspections and certifications of multiple asset types such as fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and more at multiple locations within your organization. Set it once and forget it, AssetPRO automatically tracks and assigns recurring inspection, certification and service requirements to responsible persons within your organization including 3rd-parties such as landlords, property managers and service providers.

BIZI BI is CMHWorks new Business Intelligence Reporting and Dashboard Solution for everyone. Say goodbye to expensive BI Solutions with BIZI BI! Whether you want to report on data from your legacy databases, create dazzling Executive Dashboards, or just give your users the ability to drill-down on data to make more timely decisions, BIZI BI is the answer - and at a fraction of the cost of our competition.

Features Include:

Realtime Reports and Dashboards
Reports and Dashboard are rendered in realtiime so users get up-to-the-minute information enabling then to make critical business decisions from the latest and most accurate information.
Export Reports and Data
Export any report in printable PDF for yopur nex meeting, or as Excel or CSV to crunch the data anyway you like.
Fully Embeddable
BIZI BI can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or fully integrated and customized to integrate seamlessly into your existing solution
Flexible Deployment
Options include SaaS model hosted and managed by CMHWorks or a dedicated solution custom-tailored to meet your needs.
Massive Database Support
BIZI BI Supports MS SQL, MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Google BigQuery, AWS Athena, AWS Redshift and many more.
Caching Optimization
BIZI BI's hosted solution comes integrated with REDIS caching to optimize data delivery performance
Optional Scheduled Reporting (Coming Soon!)
Schedule the recurring delivery by email of any report in any export format. Just set it once and forget it!

AuditPRO LITE provides a set of features designed for small and mid-sized organizations that are easy to use and requires ZERO administration.

Features include:

Audits and Inspections
Our mobile client supports IOS and Android making for an easy implementation in "Bring Your Own Device" deployment without additional hardware costs. No more paper checklists with intuitive and easy-to-use smart forms unleash your auditor’s and inspector’s productivity. AuditPRO guided forms are created and maintained by our EHS professionals reflecting years of experience. Forms are designed to provide clients with professional EHS determinations and automatically link them to regulatory citations, standards of industry best practices, or customer policies. Our remote dispatch allows you to direct and prioritize your field activities remotely and Workflow Approval enables collaboration on a single submission with multiple users.

Vigilis is an easy and affordable COVID-19/Infection Control screening solution for everyone.

Application highlights include:

Physical Security

Vigilis is designed for ultimate flexibility and usability for any type of business, institution or organization that needs to screen people in a location. Vigilis allows you to secure your Long-Term Care Facility, Manufacturing Facility, Warehouse, or even your Barber Shop. It runs on any mobile device and all you need is a inexpensive Bluetooth thermometer. There is no special training required. Record visitor answers to a few simple questions, and get an immediate Pass/Fail result.

Regulations and Standards

Includes built-In EPA and OSHA regulations designed by our team of EHS Professionals. Complies with CDC Guidelines and Joint Commission Standards and there is absolutely no regulatory experience required. Just screen everyone entering your facility with a few simple questions, and you are covered.

Real-time Reporting
View who was admitted to your facility and who was not. Report on everyone screened at your facility today, this week, or this month. Identify anyone that is in your facility in real-time. Take immediate action on visitors and guests who have not checked out. 

The AuditFLIX Dashboard is a real-time dashboard that displays current compliance issues found in your environment. It is designed as a hands-off monitoring view that can be viewed on any sized device. It was developed in response to requests from existing AuditPRO users that desired a view of their issues and requests in realtime on a TV monitor for use in location like Security Operations Centers, Shared Work Areas, or anywhere a realtime view of current Issues and Requests are needed.

Features include:

Up-to-the-Minute Trending
show you trends for Open Issues, Closed Issues, and Avg Time Open that are updated in real-time.
Zero Administration
your dashboard is pre-configured to show only what you need to see - your current open Issue and Requests.
Flexible Configuration
lets you zero in on the part of your organization you want see like Building, Department, Floor or Room or any combination of them that suits your needs. And the configuration determines the time period of open issues to show in hours, days, weeks, or months.
Issue Auto-Paging and Content Scrolling
provides a truly hands-off experience so all you have to do is watch.
Responsive Design
means the AuditFLIX Dashboard can run on any device, but is especially designed for Widescreen Smart TVs.

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