Managed Security

Managed Security gives you peace-of-mind so you can focus on growing your business.
Managed Security gives you peace-of-mind so you can focus on growing your business.

Managed Security

Managed Security gives you peace-of-mind so you can focus on growing your business.

I have no idea if my online business assets are secure. I just hope we never get hacked.

Typical Small Business Owner

Why Managed Security Services?

Three primary goals of information security are preventing the loss of availability, the loss of integrity, and the loss of confidentiality for systems and data. Most security practices and controls can be traced back to preventing losses in one or more of these areas.  


  • 43% of cyber-attacks target small business.
  • 62% experience phishing and social engineering attacks.
  • 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets.
  • 51% experienced denial of service attacks.
  • The global average cost of a data breach is 3.9 million across SMBs.

…the scale of this [cyber criminal attacks] is something that I don't think this country has ever really seen anything quite like it and it's going to get much worse.

Christopher Wray, FBI director, June 2021

What We Do

IT Assessment Services

Our security professionals meet with you to understand your technology landscape and where you may be vulnerable to cyberattacks. When the assessment is completed, we provide a summary report of our findings so you have a clear idea where your risks are, and what your next steps should be.

RMM Service Components

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Our RMM Service was designed especially as a turn-key solution for small and mid-sized organizations that want to secure their digital IP.

RMM provides automated comprehensive endpoint protection for your users at a very affordable price.

The RMM Service includes the following features: 

  • EDL/Endpoint Protection
  • Patch Management
  • Software Deployment
  • IT Documentation
  • Remote Access Support
  • Service Desk Integration
  • Backup
  • IT Asset Management

If you're losing sleep wondering of your staff is doing the right thing to secure your assets, RMM will have you snoozing soundly in no time.

Solution Security Monitoring (SSM)

We provide automated penTesting and Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting services for our clients that have hosted solutions. If you want to know regularly how secure your website or hosted solution is we can help.

Our SSM services includes the folllowing features:

Automatically perform egress filtering to ensure that your environment is effectively restricting unnecessary outbound traffic. Unrestricted outbound access can allow a malicious actor to exfiltrate data from your environment using traditional methods and unmonitored ports. Upon the discovery of user account credentials, SSM will automatically attempt to validate those credentials and determine where they are most useful. This is a common process executed by both malicious attackers and penetration testers and is performed during privilege escalation.
Using a valid set of credentials, SSM will attempt to identify valuable areas within your environment. This is conducted through a variety of methods, including the use of advanced tools which assists in identifying where sensitive targets are. Critical data leaving your environment is an extremely serious concern. If access to confidential and/or sensitive data can be attained, SSM will simulate and log this activity to help your IT Security Staff tighten areas that should restrict data exfiltration.
With elevated access, SSM will attempt to upload malicious code onto remote systems in an attempt to test the environment’s end-point anti-malware controls. SSM’s detailed deliverables will allow your IT Security Staff to cross reference our activities with monitoring and alerting controls.

IT Security Training

We offer both on-demand and scheduled virtual Instructor-lead IT Security Training guided by the NIST Framework to help you comply with your regulatory and insurance requirements as well as implement an Employee Policy that allows you to demonstrate your security steps to regulators, vendors, and clients.

Unlimited continuous automated campaign-style Cybersecurity Awareness Training including a vast library of targeted courses, simulated attacks, monthly reporting, and policy framework.

    1. Targeted 10-minute course driven by behavioral psychology
    2. Simulated Phishing Emails replicate the best and most current attacks found in the wild, sent monthly with varied messages and timing
    3. Failed testers are immediately notified and receive a coaching reminder on how to avoid an attack in the future
    4. Monthly reports show your team’s training progress and highlight areas of risk

Let's us tailor a training program perfect for your business.


IT Security Program and Policy Development

Information security policies and procedures are the foundation of a sound cybersecurity posture. However, depending on industry, size and other factors, every business has different needs when developing a plan to meet their needs.

A great information security policy should contain five key elements.

  • Reflect the reality on the ground
  • Be simple to understand
  • Be enforceable but flexible
  • Be measurable
  • Minimize unintended consequences

We will work with your organization to define and implement a policy framework and management plan to meet your specific compliance needs.

Virtual Technology Professional Services (VTP)

We are your on-demand technology professionals including CIO, CTO, and CiSO acting as your personal tech-coach, available to answer your questions and support your technology needs. We are availble on retainer or on-demand to meet your needs.

What makes us different?

We understand the many challenges in running a small business - especially that fact that time, budget and expertise are at a premium. To help you meet these challenges , CMHWorks offers a full suite of Managed Security Services designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses. 

We are your on-demand technology professionals including CIO, CTO, and CSO acting as your personal tech-coach, available to answer your questions and support your technology needs.

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