Branding and Marketing

Branding and Marketing

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Branding and Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Involves conducting market research and discovery to understand a client’s industry, market and product/service differentiators.

We’ll conduct persona studies with the client team as well as query a wide variety of marketing databases to analyze purchasing trends to score personas for organic patterns. We’ll also leverage other third-party data from a variety of sources to ensure we understand how to reach your audience.

Branding Services

We will provide a proven branding process that creates long-lasting and measurable impact for new brands and established brands alike. Our team of experienced branding experts guide clients through a step-by-step brand discovery process consisting of in-person meetings covering brand diagnosis, brand standards discovery, competition analysis and brand positioning. Each brand we create is the result of our tireless process involving research and comprehensive immersion by our branding agency staff into a client’s business.

Our brand identity packages are constructed from scratch through an exhaustive investigation and discovery process to ensure your brand tells your story, engages your consumers and leaves a lasting impression. Our team works seamlessly alongside our strategic marketers to ensure that all of our considerable creative power is pointed in the right direction in order to accomplish your strategic goals.

Research & Strategy
We work with clients to learn everything we can about their business, customers, culture and how best to communicate their vision to the world.
A client’s brand is the personification of their company and we work tirelessly to make sure that we are using the right colors and shapes and using the correct voice and words to speak to their target audience.
Print & Collateral
Although digital has emerged as the primary vehicle for getting message to a client’s audience, there are still huge opportunities to use print in branding and marketing. We will help capitalize on those opportunities with great print materials and collateral.
Brand Standards
A client’s brand standards is a guidebook that gives them everything needed to maintain the integrity of their brand even after their engagement with CMH Works is complete.
Social Media Marketing

We work with clients to evaluate existing content and devise a plan that aligns with their growth goals. The most successful B2B and B2C marketers spend a large portion of their budget on content marketing to ensure their efforts align with a purpose.

We take the time to evaluate the brand to see what sets a client apart and what content formats are most useful for marketing personas, channels and goals.

Social Media strategy, organic social media management, and social media advertising is our specialty. Social media has become a pay-to-play arena for many businesses, and we offer both organic and paid social media strategies across all major social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Web Design and Development

We’ll guide clients through a proven step-by-step process to ensure their website looks beautiful, performs efficiently, and most importantly—meets expectations.

Great web designers and web developers speak different languages. We combine the best of both worlds. Our talented and experienced web design team works hand-in-hand with our cutting-edge web developers to produce excellent products that not only function exactly as they should but also look beautiful and maintain high standards of usability.

Loyalty Program

One of the best ways is repeat business. And one of the most powerful ways to do this is through a Loyalty Program. Understanding your customers behavior, and communicating to them at the right time and place is a huge reason businesses choose a loyalty program. The benefits can be endless.

Every business struggles to calculate customer lifetime value, and forge emotional connections with their customers. If this is you, then you need your own loyalty program. We not only build Loyalty Programs for you but we can help you manage it and create the marketing plan to make sure it succeeds. Loyalty Programs are proven to increase your retention by at least 5%. That means it can boost revenue by 25%-95%. Loyal customers that get benefits will keep coming back. We can help you. Click the link and let us show you how. We can help you. Click the link and let us show you how.

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