Cross-Promotion Could Revolutionize Your Business

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Cross-Promotion Could Revolutionize Your Business

in Articles Jul 23 1 min read Digital Marketing, Managed Services
Cross-Promotion Could Revolutionize Your Business

There are plenty of ways to successfully promote your business, but one of the simplest and most cost-effective is to engage in cross-promotion with other entities who have audiences that are a) relevant to your business, and b) as large, or larger, than yours.

What is Cross Promotion?

Cross promotion is simply an agreement by two companies to promote one another. Sometimes, in the case of in-brand promotion, it happens when two different products from the same company promote each other. We see examples of cross promotion all the time. Simply linking to another’s website that links back to your own (how very meta) can be considered a form of cross promoting. Then there are deeper promotional relationships which may involve a joint offering or giveaway. For example, once gave away ten free Dropbox Pro for Life accounts and got 50,000 email sign-ups from entrants.

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