AuditPRO Launches Premium Addons

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AuditPRO Launches Premium Addons

Posted in News Products May 18 1 min read AuditPRO, AuditFLIX, Asset Management, Data Archiving, Field Data Collection
AuditPRO Launches Premium Addons

AuditPRO announced today that is has made several Premium Addons available for its AuditPRO Essential and Professional Subscribers.

The addons released today offer many exciting capabilities to the already robust compliance management suite that AuditPRO provides. Among these newly released addons include:

  • Asset Management - which enables the tracking of assets at a single location or hundreds instantly.
  • AuditFLIX Dashboard - which can turn any internet ready TV into a real time compliance monitor.
  • Automatic Data Archiver - which automates the monthly collection of all data, images and reports into a single convenient zip file dowmloadable right inside AuditPRO.

CMHWorks is proud to have applied our field data collection and automation experience to assist in the development of these additional features for our friends at AuditPRO.

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