Affordable Infection Control Screening

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Affordable Infection Control Screening

Posted in Articles Products Jun 06 1 min read Covid-19, Screening, CDC, Joint Commission
Affordable Infection Control Screening

At the request of our clients, CMHWorks is developing an affordable, no-nonsense, and mobile-ready infection control screening application called Vigilis.

The app is designed for use in any environment including long-term care facilities, retail, hospitality, and general industry to name a few. “Vigilis” --which loosely translates from Latin as “vigilant”-- is the newest addition to the already popular AuditPRO product line.

Designed specifically for ease of use, the Vigilis solution both screens individuals when they enter a location and reports on their current and historical status in that location. Be it a nursing home, retail store, warehouse, or any other facility that needs to implement an infection control practice, Vigilis will fit the bill.

Firmly rooted in healthcare industry best practices and CDC guidelines, Vigilis will enable organizations to be vigilant in protecting their employees, patients, and visitors from the dangers of infectious diseases--especially coronavirus strains like COVID-19.

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