CMHWorks Selects Assertible

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CMHWorks Selects Assertible

Posted in Articles Products May 08 1 min read API Testing, Automation, Assertible
CMHWorks Selects Assertible

After much discussion and deliberation amongst the technical staff, CMHWorks is pleased to announce that we have chosen Assertible as our Middleware/API Testing Solution.

Our criteria is selecting a middleware testing solution were that:

  1. The tests needed to be easy to create
  2. The test source code needed to reside in the Visual Studio solution
  3. The solution needed to integrate with our existing SCM solution (GitHub)
  4. The solution needed to integrate with our exiting CI/CD Solution

Assertible delivers on all of the above. From creating services from existing Swagger/Open API docs, to automated deployment testing and GitHub Integration. The technical team at CMH Works is very excited to begin leveraging the solution in all of our current and future projects.

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