Product Release: AuditFLIX Dashboard

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Product Release: AuditFLIX Dashboard

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Product Release: AuditFLIX Dashboard

CMHWorks is pleased to announce it's latest Product - The AuditFLIX Dashboard. The product was developed as a stand-alone, premium feature of the AuditPRO Compliance Management Suite. Since it completion the AuditFLIX Dashboard has also been made available as an included in the newly announced AuditPRO Lite product Line.

What is the AuditFLIX Dashboard?

The AuditFLIX Dashboard is a real-time dashboard that displays current compliance issues found in your environment. It is designed as a hands-off monitoring view that can be viewed on any sized device. It was developed in response to requests from existing AuditPRO users that desired a view of their issues and requests in realtime on a TV monitor for use in location like Security Operations Centers, Shared Work Areas, or anywhere a realtime view of current Issues and Requests are needed.

Why Do I Need It?

If your organization struggles with managing regulatory or best-practice compliance, the best way to begin tackling the problem is by providing visibility to the issues your organization faces. What better way to provide visibility than a real-time dashboard of the existing issues? With the AuditFLIX Dashboard you get just that. And best of all, you can configure multiple dashboards tailored to your specific organizational needs by criteria such as Building, Department, Floor, and Room to ensure your teams are seeing only the information that is relevent to them.

How do I Find Out More?

The AuditFLIX Dashboard is a licensed feature of the AuditPRO Suite and Included in the AuditPRO Lite product licensed by AuditPRO. Form more information on AuditPRO or AuditPRO Lite, you can visit