Our Efforts to Combat COVID-19

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Our Efforts to Combat COVID-19

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Our Efforts to Combat COVID-19

At CMHWorks, we specialize in solutions that enable our client to improve their field data collection and reporting practices. As we, like all other companies, deal with the realities of COVID-19 in the workplace, we have become laser-focused on leveraging our expertise to provide the tool for companies and institutions of all sizes to implement best-practices and regulatory compliance reporting related to the changes they are implementing in the workplace.

The Challenge As We See It

  • While there is an ever-increaing amount of information from domestic and international agencies like the CDC, WHO, and an army non-profits alike, for a small to mid-sized business owner, sifting through all the information is a daunting task and will only become more so.
  • Moreover, there is already noise regarding the potential liability for businesses related to exposing their employees and customers to COVID-19. How does a business protect itself from laywers looking to file liability suits?
  • If past in prologue, you can rest assured that you will see more strict reguatory oversight at all levels of government in regards to Infection Prevention in the workplace. Lastly, how does a business implement these practices, identify issues, prioritize, and resolve the issues in a practical way?

These are reguatory and best practice compliance challenges we have been solving for years in our partnership with AuditPRO.

The Solution As We See It

To address these challenges, businesses need a simple and cost-effect tool, tailored to their workplace, that provides them the expertise and guidance, prioritization, reporting, and most importantly the peace-of-mind they need today and will certainly need tomorrow to have confidence that they are doing the "right thing" as relates to Infection Prevention in their workplace.

What We are Doing About It

We are leveraging our years of expertise and solutions toolbox in partnership with the folks at AuditPRO to provide simple and affordable tools that enable businesses of any size to begin implementing best practices to meet their specific needs. We will focus all of our aviailable resources to provide businesses and institutions alike with the tools they need not only to survive the current challenges, but to establish practices that will serve them, their employess, and clients for years to come. By providing these tools, it is our hope that we can contribute to saving the lifeblood of America - it's small and mid-sized businesses.

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