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Mike Harvey

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Why Everyone Should Consider Automated Three-Layer Application Testing

Sitting down and manually testing all three layers of an application even once, let alone each time a small code change is made, would be time consuming, boring, and certainly not the best use of a QA team member or quality manager’s time. Perhaps some people still envision software testing this way, and are understandably loath to commit their time to it, and this is why there are lots of apps glitching and sputtering their way through the world right now. The reality is that the technology available for automated testing is now advanced enough to briskly test all three tiers, ensuring against defects before code is ever deployed in production. Not only that, it is also possible to automate full regression testing each time a change is committed, which will reject the commit if it does not pass all tests. This can be achieved by selecting automation tools that integrate together and are accessible through a convenient base where the source code and test logic are stored.

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